Great Brands Inspire Action

Written by Alex Valderrama, Founder and Principal of Cranium Agency

Have you ever wondered what makes a great brand?

The answer can be found deep in the brand purpose. Every strong brand has a purpose, and every customer has a need.

There are many brands – Volvo which manufactures incredibly safe cars, Coca-Cola which provides a refreshing drink, and Apple which is driven to provide innovative technologies to help us be more productive. All of these brands have one thing in common. Their purpose is clear, and they inspire action from their customers.

We all know it’s not enough to have a great offering which serves a unique purpose. What many companies lack is the ability to communicate efficiently their brand’s value to their customers in a clear and concise way. Your client’s action is both emotional and rational. Companies that have created a clear brand message and a unique position in the marketplace are more likely to succeed. If your brand does not elicit an emotional response, then it is doomed to be a failure.

Several other factors should be considered. These include lack of trust and awareness. These factors can be overcome by reinforcing your brand with consistent brand messaging and visual communications in the form of style and tone. The consistency of your brand’s value and visual communications creates trust and captures the attention of your customers so they can identify the purpose of your brand. These are great ways to build confidence, reinforce the brand purpose and also the value your brand provides.

An excellent way to get started is to ask yourself, “What purpose does my brand serve?”. By answering this question, it will help to begin the process of how to connect with your customers and produce actionable results.

In summary, inspiring action from your customers is crucial to the success of the brand. Understanding your brand and its purpose is monumental in helping you define your story and your message to customers. Next time you shop at your favorite store or use one of your favorite “already purchased” products, ask yourself what drove you to take action?

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