Make My Brand Bigger (Hard Cover)

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Learn how to uncover your brand’s secret sauce. Plus, build a strong and sustainable brand.

There are many nuances to brand building. Over the past three decades, Alex’s experience working with incredible branding experts has brought him to share great insights, divulge intellectual knowledge, and provide specific agency processes. Make My Brand Bigger will help alleviate costly mistakes and specific details on how to rebrand or build your next brand.

Alex provides detailed information to build your very own brand “Secret Sauce.” He describes how you can articulate your brand message and story. You will learn how to separate your brand from your competitors, create your overall brand message, define your unique brand story, and motivate your customers to act.


  • Uncover your brand’s “Secret Sauce”.
  • Articulate your brand message.
  • Learn how to separate your brand from your competitors.
  • Define your unique brand story.
  • Increase brand equity.
  • Create better brand loyalty and win more business.
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